Business Systems Development

We build stronger businesses by educating entrepreneurs, micro and small business owners on the importance of quality assurance, customer satisfaction, continual improvement and sustainability.

Small Businesses Are Unique

Our Business System Development Program (BSD) for Small Businesses provides micro and small businesses with the tools and information necessary to design, implement and maintain quality management systems.   We strive to introduce a process approach to systems development, facilitate continuous improvement of business processes, and cultivate an environment of growth and development.

Our BSD program is specifically tailored to the unique environment of small businesses as they grow and develop operations to a level that  produces a more effective, efficient business partner for prime contractors and government agencies.

Our services to small businesses include:

  • Systems Development
  • Develop Process Control Methods
  • Develop Written Procedures
  • Management and Organizational Development
  • Many More Business Development Tools & Activities

We understand the importance of matching services and products to customer’s needs. We believe that having effective quality systems shows that create value for business, your employees, your stakeholders, your suppliers and your customers.

Quality Systems Reduce Costs!

Enhancing the level of quality within the small business arena significantly decreases operating costs at the agency and prime contractor level. Building more effective processes increases the ability to adhere to agency and prime contractor’s requirements which in turn will:

  • Lower the costs of labor and materials used to coordinate with the business while correcting documentation and process defects
  • Decrease process lead times by reducing the number of defects that are introduced into the agency’s systems
  • Lower the risks associated with bonding and insuring small businesses