ISO 9000 Conference

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International Conference on ISO 9000 Announced

Feb. 26–28, 2012, in Orlando, FL

ISO 9000 Conference

Published: 02/14/2012

­ (ISO 9001 Conference: Orlando, FL) — The 20th Annual International Conference on ISO 9000 has been structured to provide a balanced program of presentations by corporate executives and management system experts. Most organizations face compelling issues that must be continually addressed to survive. Often, conformity to management system standards is viewed as too cumbersome for the dynamic business environment. But successful organizations find that they must maintain a management system that is flexible enough to conform to a variety of standards while maintaining its focus on the customer.

The integrated management system needs to fit with organizational objectives. It has become critical to sustain adequate controls to ensure an organization’s long-term success while adding short-term value. This situation provides serious challenges for the quality professional.

The programs are focused on sector-specific implementation updates, general management system topics, and real-life examples of integrating management systems. With an exciting program of topics and international speakers, this year’s conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to network and learn how to take your management system beyond compliance.

Keynote speaker

Bennie Fowler, the group vice president of global quality and new model launch at Ford Motor Co., will be in Orlando, Florida, as the keynote speaker at the 20th Annual International Conference on ISO 9000 on Feb. 26, 2012. He will discuss how quality is critical at Ford, and how it’s a commitment that touches every aspect of the vehicle process—from design to manufacturing to product launch—to ensure that quality is built into every vehicle. Ford has made significant strides during the past few years to achieve world-class levels of quality and desirability.

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