Small Business Owners: Launch To Your Next Level of Success!

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OPAL, Quality Systems Management has big ideas about changing the way small business owners think.

Small business owners lack the resources to grow and develop their organizations and OPAL, Quality Systems Management has the solution…The Business Systems Development Program.

The ultimate goal of the Business Systems Development Program (BSD) is to provide services that will help small businessmen and businesswomen to grow and develop their operation.  This program will produce a more effective, efficient business partner for prime contractors and government agencies. The BSD will achieve this by raising the level of quality awareness within the small business arena and highlighting the value of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.  The partnership builds a strong foundation for preparing small business owners for success through quality concepts and management systems that will grow and develop their organizations with proper implementation of established quality plans.

Opal, based in Oakland California, built business systems, enhanced control processes and implemented ISO 9001 compliant quality systems in small, medium and large organizations across the country.   In recent years, OPAL has worked feverishly to engage small businesses, specifically construction contractors, with the explicit intent of introducing quality concepts that have been largely ignored in this niche.  Opal’s main concern is to help these business owners understand how they can turn their “underdog” companies into recognizable, respected organizations that look and feel like “The Big Boys”.   The problem is that business owners impacted by our sluggish economy can’t afford these quality management services.  In 2009 Opal, QSM executives decided to turn the idea of growth and development for small business into a national program that would be beneficial to small business, big business, government and the communities that they serve in. Thus, the Business Systems Development Program was born.

The Business Systems Development Program is designed to help small businesses grow, develop and maintain the ability to continuously improve.

Small business owners are tired of being passed over for large projects.  They know that they have the experience.  They believe that they have the capabilities, but they are constantly asking the same question over and over again… “Why can’t I get a contract?”  “I’ve registered…I’ve taken all of the classes…I’ve attended every outreach event advertised…I’ve put my business on every list that I can think of…so what’s holding me back?”

The answer…most outreach programs teach concepts  – not implementation.  There is little hands-on support provided for building the infrastructure that small businesses need to meet requirements.  The Business Systems Development Program will use the support from the federal government, local agencies and “big” business to close this gap.

The Business Systems Development Program (BSDP) provides more than speeches.  Business owners receive hands-on technical assistance along with counseling and coaching.  BSDP works directly with the organization to accomplish the following:

  • Identify process deficiencies and implement corrective action
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Manage and control documents & data
  • Internal quality auditing and systems monitoring
  • Computer technology & social media
  • Process control methods
  • Project Management
  • Quality Planning
  • Supplier Management

It takes money to administer money. By the time  stimulus funds actually reach the small business owners it’s in the form of redundant seminars or outreach events.  The result is a business that is registered to receive information about large contracts.  They are still not qualified to sustain the projects even with a winning bid.   Agencies and prime contractors have only one solution.  They hire larger subcontractors that are located outside of the community.  This unfortunate set of circumstances leaves small businesses fighting for crumbs by grossly underbidding contracts, just to get a piece of the action.

OPAL, QSM set out to shift the paradigms that keep small businesses from excelling.  This is especially in this economy.   Business owners have to prepare for the market’s up-swing.   Deirdre Mercedes, the founder of OPAL, stated, “You don’t want to find yourself sitting on the sidelines when this economic beast turns towards recovery.  When it starts rising to the next level it will jump so high and so fast – – and for small, unrecognized businesses, if you don’t grab hold of it now, it will be too late.”

Opal makes positive changes in the business community by taking small businesses and potential business owners to their next level of success.

OPAL, Quality Systems Management – The small business, with big business ideas.


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